Hello I am Murtaza. I am a 26 years old web designer and developer. Eight years ago I designed my first website and I fall in love with it. I have since been developing user-friendly, professional and clean websites.

I find great interest in web technologies, online business and the latest design trends. I follow web standards and make SEO friendly websites because thats what makes life easier.

I constantly try to update myself with latest web technologies and play around with them at my lab.

I like to work with great companies and teams building a better web, here is my resume if interested.

What can I do for you

web design

Web Design and Development

I have a lot of experience building professional, clean and modern websites. I design responsive websites following web standards. I test websites on with different tools and make sure the website works on every device and browser. I do a lot of  development for websites including WordPress, Custom CMS, E-commerce, web apps etc. Sometimes I also design things including logos, business cards, prints etc. Check out my work here.

Website Optimization

I optimize websites to make them SEO friendly and are w3c compliant. I make sure every website is bug free, loads fast and the assets(images, css and js ) are compressed.I also help to do a basic seo setup including keyword research, google webmaster tools, bing webmaster tools and google analytics. I also setup social media accounts for attracting more visitors.I use tools like GTmetrix to analyse the website’s performance.

optimize website

Technical Skills

Html, Jade, Css3, Sass, Less, SVG, Canvas, Javascript, jQuery, AngularJS, ReactJs, Emberjs, Php, WordPress, Codeigniter.

Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, MAMP, Codekit, Atom, Sublime Text, Browserstack.

Agile Scrum, Web Analytics, Responsive Web Design, Cross Browser Testing, GIT, SVN.

Sounds Interesting? Lets be friends and have a cup of coffee. I am available for freelance opportunities, drop me  a message

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