In this post I have discussed a trick by which you can hide your drive i.e E: D: Or C: drive.

Follow these steps–>
1.Go to Start – -> Run or simply press Win+R , this will open the run dialog box.

2.Type cmd, this opens command prompt.

3.In there type diskpart , this a command for handling disk drives.

4. Now type list volume , this displays all disk drives and their volume with their index number.

5.Now select the drive , here i am hiding E:drive so type select volume 3 this will select E:drive as its index number is 3, for other drives select particular index number.

6.Now is the hiding time so type remove letter E, this hides the E:drive , note: if drive is D: then type “remove letter D” or error will occur.

7.So open my computer and see drive will hidden.To again make it hidden follow steps 1-5 and type assign letter E.

For windows 7 and windows vista command is different
“assign letter=E”