Yahoo Mail Not Working On iPhone And iPad Properly

Here we bring the solution to yahoo mail not working on iphone and ipad properly
Yahoo! Mail has around 700 million active users and this count includes users from PCs, smart phones, and tablets all over the world. These applications do offer native mail clients to configure Yahoo! services but in that case there are some issues encountered by users. Here, will be discuss some of the problems related to iPhone, iPad and try to troubleshoot them.

Problem #1:

Yahoo Push Notifications not Working iPhone: There is facility called “Push Notifications” that updates the users about arrival of email in the mailbox. Most of the time, a notification is not sent or sent after a gap of 3-4 emails.


Reset Yahoo! Account on iPhone

a)    In the iPhone menu, tap on “Settings” and then move down to “Mail, Contacts, Calendar”

Yahoo mail

b)    Now, tap “Add Account”. You will be available with number of options. Do not directly tap on “Yahoo!”; instead choose “Other”

yahoo mail

c)    Tap on “Add Mail Account”


d)    Provide three important credentials:

Name: Add your Full Name

Email: Add Yahoo! Mail address

Password: Add password for the Yahoo! Account

The “Description” field will be automatically filled or you can add any relevant phrase.


e)    Tap on IMAP or POP (as per your requirement). Also, provide details about incoming and outgoing Server.

For Incoming Server:


Username: Yahoo! Mail address

Password: Enter Account password

For Outgoing Server:


Username: Yahoo! Mail address

Password: Enter Account password

Tap “Done” and your account will go under validation process.


Problem #2:

Error “Server Unavailable” with Yahoo on iOS: Whenever attempts are made to access Yahoo! Mail on application running on iOS, an error “Server Unavailable” is received at user’s end, restricting account login. This happens while login through Apps and not with PC.


Generate a New Password for Apps

The problem mentioned above occurs when password for Yahoo! Account is changed. After this change when you try to login to account through iPhone or iPad, the login process fails. Here is resolution to problem:

a)    Login Yahoo! Account through PC and tap on the ‘gear’ button at top-right of window. Drop-down to “Account Info”


b)    Under “Sign In and Security”, tap on “Manage your app Password”.



c)    A new password will be generated for you. Use it to login iPhone Yahoo! Account.


Problem #3:

Your Login Session has Expired Error: A running Yahoo! Session expires automatically. Instantly log-in after that is not possible even after making attempts.


By default, there is a limit for Yahoo users to utilize a login instance for eight hours. When this limit exceeds, the sessions ends automatically with the message that login session has expired.

Problem #4:

Unable to Move Message to Trash Folder: This kind of problems is generally encountered with IMAP configuration. When a message is deleted, a pop up flashes on screen that says: unable to move message to trash.



a)    On Home screen of iPad, tap on “Settings”


b)    Scroll down in the Settings bar and choose “Mail, Contacts, Calendar”.


c)    Tap on “Email Account” and move down to “Advanced”


d)    Tab “IMAP Path Prefix”


e)    Enter “INBOX” (note that it should be in upper case) and from the top-left, tap “Account”.


These are some common problems that iPhone/iPad user come across while working with Yahoo! Account. However, if there is a problem, there is definitely a solution to it. The tips shared that can help to work around.


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