Google searching tricks | Google operators

Whenever you search in google it returns a list of thousands of websites which confuses us.So in this post i have included some google operators and tricks by which searching will be easier and fast.

Google operators

link: Shows other pages that links to the specified website.
For e.g will show all websites that links to
related: Shows websites which have related content like the specified website.
For e.g related will show related sites to youtube.
site: Lists all the indexed webpages of specified website.
For e.g related will show all webpages of
inurl: Searches for the keyword in the url of specified website.
For e.g inurl:techtips
allinurl: Same as inurl but restricts search to only specified keywords i.e extra keywords will not be searched.
For e.g allinurl:techtips
intitle: Searches for the keyword in the title of specified website.
For e.g intitle:webmaster google finds only pages with webmaster in the title, and google anywhere on the page.
allintitle: shows only results with keywords in title.
For e.g allintitle:webmaster google
cache: Shows the cached google version of specified webpage.
For e.g
info: show a page containing links to related searches, backlinks, and pages containing the url. This is the same as typing the url into the search box.
For e.g
spell: Works as a spell checker returns result with corrected words.
For e.g spell:imagimation may result imagination.
stocks: This will look up the search query in a stock index.
For e.g stocks:msft will display the stock information for Microsoft.
filetype: Searches for the specified file extension within the results.
For e.g University papers filetype:pdf will search for pdf documents containing any university papers.
daterange: Searches within specified date range the page is indexed.This is supported in Julian date format only.
e.g daterange:2452384 2452384 is an example of a Julian date. 
maps: Just enter street address, a link to Yahoo Maps and to MapBlast will be presented.
For e.g maps:vadodara
phone: Enter anything that looks like a phone number to have a name and address displayed. Same is true for something that looks like an address (include a name and zip code)
For e.g phone:919234567890
allintext: searches only within text of pages, but not in the links or page title
For e.g allintext:google webmaster
allinlinks: searches only within links, not text or title.
For e.g allinlinks:google webmaster
weather: Type weather followed by a zip code or city and state to display current weather conditions and forecasts for upcoming days.
For e.g weather:389001 vadodara
define: Shows definition of keyword.
For e.g define:computer will show computer definitions
Track airline flight Enter the airline and flight number to display the status of an airline flight and it’s arrival time.
For e.g Arabian airways 123
Calculator Google Search engine is also a calculator check by typing a math problem in the search.
For e.g 10 + 20 * 3 would display results as 90.
time: Shows current time of specified place.
For e.g time:India
Synonyms Google can also search for synonym(words having same meaning) Just include ~ Tilde before keyword.
For e.g ~huge
Stop words Google avoids words like I , and , then in search result To include them use the + plus operator.
For e.g Land +and water
Wild card * asterisk is called a wild card charecter which tells google to replace it by any word.
For e.g Time * money will result in all searches starting with time and ending money